About Us


Our history in the printing business can be traced from way back in 1984 when the Gatus siblings started operations in Recto. We offered mimeographing, typing, and photocopying services. Being at the hub of a bustling academic and commercial community, we soon saw a flourishing demand for more sophisticated printing. Thus, this necessitated an investment on equipment to accommodate this requirement.

While printing did start at that point in time, our break into big-league operation came when we won a project contracted by a respectable international organization. Soon more clients employed our services which had us spend on more machinery, and transfer to bigger lots to serve the needs of the growing clientele. We became known as Visual Print Enterprises (VPE).

The year 2001 saw a new era for VPE when we ventured into publishing. To date, we have stacked bookstores with more than 20 titles, many of which have gained renown both here and abroad. We endeavor to offer Filipino authors the writing space they deserve, and to provide the Filipino readers with more books which touch the Pinoy in them.

In 2009, we incorporated into VISPRINT, Inc.

Through fair and ethical practice of our business, we envision our corporation to contribute significantly to Philippine economy, further professionalize the printing and publishing industries, and promote the quality of life of our employees, esteemed partners, and Filipinos in general.

Business Philosophy

A corporation worth its salt creates value for its customers and puts premium on partners with whom it works. We at Visprint, Inc. conduct our business based on two very basic principles.

Be it our own staff, suppliers, or customers, we treat partners with honesty and integrity. The credibility we currently enjoy is based on Visprint’s efficient and prompt delivery of its commitment. In everything we do, we take extra care not to compromise the trust accorded our name.

Being so, we believe our clients should be stress- and worry-free. Visprint takes the burden off our customer’s shoulder by ensuring that we deliver the requested materials as prescribed or even better, and more importantly, on time.


Print Executions


Communication Collaterals

Visprint, Inc. specializes on offset printing. Regardless of size, color, volume, complexity of print effects, we can adequately and competently fulfill a variety of print jobs. We even advice clients on how to maximize the use of elements for effective communication at the most affordable cost. Since we have efficient management of our equipment and people, our team can handle rush job orders without having to sacrifice quality.

Filipino Literature

What might be considered as our legacy to the Filipino publishing scene is the release of titles which are distinctly Pinoy, either in subject, theme or execution. We have brought the humor and reflections of Bob Ong on Pinoy life from cyberspace to printed pages, and launched Filipino comics by a variety of authors. A number of our books have made it to best seller’s list, and have been patronized by readers here and abroad. With strategic marketing, Visprint, Inc. assures that our titles are not only on shelves, but on buyer’s consciousness as well.




Understanding that clients expect much from their supplier, we exert time and energy into maintaining the excellent condition of our printing equipment. This is to increase the productivity of the machines, as well as yield professional output which clients deserve. Because of the strict standards we enforce on maintenance, we are able to handle volume and bulk order regardless of deadline at the most affordable cost.

In house, we also own a number of pre- to post- press equipment. By automating some pre- and post-press operations, we are able to minimize the time for accomplishing a project and cut down on wastage which may be caused by human error.

Office Building

Since the early 80’s we have moved to different sites – Recto, Bulacan, Pasay, and Makati – to make room for our growing business. Visprint, Inc. now settles in our new home. Sitting on an 828 square-meter property in Pasay, the new building houses our office, quarters, and printing and publishing equipment all under one roof.


Our staff has grown with the company which had them master the ropes of the business. A keen eye for detail, proficiency in the various aspect of the business, and understanding the needs of the customers are requisites, for working in our team. We are fortunate to have people who have such skills on board, and our portfolio can adequately speak of the quality of their work. We have a little more than 60 people in our pool, and majority of them stay in quarters provided them. This assures our clients that round the clock, we have the resources to attend to their needs, and definitely can afford to deliver their requirements in order and on time.