"I have never let my schooling
interfere with my education."
- Mark Twain


Book Title: A B N K K B S N P L A Ko?!
Bob Ong

     While trying to take the place of a virtual time machine, this suprisingly amusing literary-album takes the form of a centrifugal narrative piece and gives its readers the refreshing feeling of reminiscing the times of yore --- way back when jeepney fare was P1.00, and when Nutri Bun was the talk of the entire elementary school community. A B N K K B S N P L A Ko?! is a hilarious chronological journey to our past lives as darn kids-students who saw life as a playground and not a battle arena, and who lived their lives day by day, one at a time. It is a fragile force that captivates the "child" within us, snowballing our own distant memories into a similar, candidly crafted biographical unfolding.

     The book is a straightforward intra-narration of an ordinary kid as he spills out his detailed adventures from the grade school days up to his adolescent era. From tinderang teachers, trumpo, sipa, Game & Watch, recognition day and theater day bloopers to department store mischief, A B N K K B S N P L A Ko?! will surely give you a heartfelt laugh, or a tearful "back to the future" smile. It is perhaps the truthfulness and the simplicity in Bob Ong's narration that brought out the extraordinary from what is seen to be as ordinary. His ability to elicit the "oh-gosh-it-happened-to-me-too!" feeling from his book tells us not only of his remarkable craft as a writer, but as your ordinary, everyday guy as well.

     The innocence in Bob Ong's literature speaks well of his rich childhood recollection, with detailed expressions of childish sincerity and naughtiness. The different uproarious misadventures in his narrations represent the relentless struggles of a child, in his state of gullibility, as he discovers life's irony. His down-to-earth, naive and candid language will surely tickle hearts and refresh memories. Needless to say, A B N K K B S N P L A Ko?! is seen as an appealing collection of childhood anecdotes and reflective-retrospective issues.

     The book is especially for those who want to go in an inexpensive, exciting, "beside the window" field-trip back to the past. Luggage is extremely prohibited, and snacks are, of course, not included.


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